Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Jenafor's Story

We were snowbirds and delighted in golfing, swimming, travelling, dancing and walking. That was before I had CHF and before fatigue and weakness set it.

After I had a pacemaker, these things were possible but to a gentler and slower pace. I had the pacemaker for about 41/2 years., however, a new one and a defibrilator were installed recently.
Life has improved once more, but I am not dancing or golfing, or travelling very far as my name has been on the transplant list since the middle of of 2004. I can do light housework and laundry, but sometimes need help in the kitchen to prepare meals. Stirring, mixing a shredding. etc., is most tiring and I avoind it or leave it to my husband. I don't attempt grocery shopping or any shopping by myself. However, there are plenty of people — my husband, my sister and close friends who support me greatly.

Last summer I bought a handicap scooter, but have used it only to go around the Lake Beaumaris pathway. The scenery is quite beautiful and I enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. We live in a condo by the lake and there are many social activities to enjoy, but I usually pass on card games. I prefer instead to tape my favourite TV shows, read and do crosswords, etc.
That's my story for now and look forward to reading all of yours.

Note: Jennafor received her new heart on July 25, 2006 and is doing well.

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