Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Guest Blogger - Jeff Simpson

Thank you to Jeff Simpson for speaking at our 2012 AGM.  He has graciously provided us with a copy of his presentation from that day (which is uploaded to our Facebook page as the 2012 AGM - Insurance Presentation photo album) and offers the following thoughts:

It was a pleasure to spend the morning of Saturday, September 8th with
the GoodHearts members.  Terribly sorry that a technical problem
prohibited me from using the LCD projector.

It should be noted that each case we work with is reviewed on its own
merits.  As such I encourage members to call and relay their specific
set of conditions so that we might provide the best possible advise and
recommendations.  Travel is very important to many Canadians, if we had
year round access to warm climates in our own country that might not be
the case.

Any time there is a situation that comes up requiring special attention
I would love to hear from you.

Best regards,

Jeff Simpson
President/Benefit Consultant
Simpson Group Insurance Services Inc.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Phone (403) 281-4403
Toll Free 1-800-263-0752
Fax (403) 281-4503

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