Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Information on Private Member's Bill 207

We thought the following article from the Alberta Donates LIFE Coalition would be of interest to our members and offer it for your information.  We welcome any feedback you may have.


On Thursday March 21, 2013, MLA Len Webber introduced Private Member's Bill 207 proposing the creation of an Agency to co-ordinate all Provincial organ and tissue donation issues.

Let the Government of Alberta know you would like the government to adopt its provisions and to implement Bill 207 as quickly as possible.

Citizen action NOW is critical.


Donation Rates Dropping and Demand is Rising:  “Alberta, while a world leader in transplant medicine, has one of the lowest rates of organ and tissue donation in the country” said Dr. Atul Humar, Director, Alberta Transplant Institute.  Over the past decade Alberta's rates of donation have declined from 17/million to 8.9/million.

Waiting in Vain:   In the past two years, 176 Albertans have died while waiting for a life saving organ transplant.

Bill 207 calling for a well-funded, accountable provincial organ donation agency is timely and represents a solution that has worked well in other provinces.


Build a Bridge:  We already know that transplantation provides a medical solution for many.  What we need is to build an institutional bridge between the Albertans who support organ donation with the people who need one.  This can be accomplished through the Government by:
  1. Establish a Provincial Agency to coordinate, promote and educate on the issue of organ donation:  Alberta does not yet have a central provincial agency to manage organ donation.  Ontario, for example, created the Trillium Gift of Life Foundation and last year recorded a 12% increase in donation, due in large part to the efforts of the Foundation.

  2. Establish an ongoing public awareness campaign:   Alberta's rates of donation have dropped from 17/million a decade ago to less than half of that, due in part to the lack of a sustained public awareness campaign.  The first time a family considers organ donation should not be in the middle of a traumatic death - it should be part of regular life planning that individuals discuss with their families and make their wishes known ahead of time.

  3. Establish an electronic registry:   Once an individual makes the decision to be willing to be a donor, an electronic registry makes the collection and dissemination of that information much more efficient and available in a timely manner.   Additionally, when the time comes that families are asked for consent, they can be asked if they wish to honour their loved ones wishes, removing from them the emotional burden of decision making.   


  • Use Your Voice!  One voice joined together with many makes the difference – ACT QUICKLY.   Email the Minister of Health Fred Horne and Premier Alison Redford to tell them you support Bill 207: (Suggested text – Every 5 days an Albertan dies waiting for a life saving “gift of Life” organ transplant.  I ask the Government to adopt the provisions of Bill 207 and fully implement the Bill as quickly as possible)
  • Contact your local MLA and urge them to support the implementation of Bill 207
  • Like the Facebook page: Support Alberta Organ Donation ; ask your friends to join you in action
  • Contact your local media outlet/write Letter to Editor
  • Forward this article on to friends and family and ask that they join you in action

Tipping Point

It's so close.  We know what the challenges are.  We know what the solutions are.  We have the attention of the Legislature.  We just need your support to make sure the Government acts quickly to fully implement Bill 207.

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