Wednesday, March 13, 2013

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GoodHearts Facebook Page reaches 30 Likes

Facebook likes according to city 
Over the past year we here at the GoodHearts Foundation have been working to update our web presence, including this brand new website, a page over at Facebook and a Twitter account. In a recent article in our newsletter (and posted to this website) we outlined some of the steps we had taken to improve our website, and asked everyone to take some time to visit us online.

I'm happy to announce our Facebook page has recently reached 30 likes. This allows us to access statistics on visitors to our page. I've posted a few graphics illustrating who likes our Facebook page according to where they live, gender and age.

Facebook likes according to Gender and age

Visitors to our website
according to country
Thank you to everyone who has found and liked us on Facebook.  If you belive in GoodHearts please pass along our website and Facebook page so others can join.

Our new website is hosted by blogger who have always offered visitor statistics as part of the service. So for a bit of added interest, I've added a map of visitors to this website according to country.

Note:  Please click any of the graphs to view the larger version.

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